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David A. Brisco | Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer | Los Angeles & San Diego, CA | david@davidbrisco.com

A little about myself….

My name (as you probably already know since you're on my website) is David Brisco. I am currently 26 years young and I am a Jesus / jazz / engineering / photography fanatic! I just recently graduated from the University of San Diego where I got my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in Structural Engineering. I really enjoy using my mind and being resourceful in proposing innovative solutions to complex problems; which is what studying engineering has taught me and allowed me to apply to every other aspect of my life. Despite having devoted most of my life to academics, I also have a HUGE artistic side. My dad is a jazz musician, so my brother and I grew up listening to jazz and playing instruments. I am a jazz trumpet player and I having been playing since I was 6 years old. I love anything and everything about jazz and it's pretty much 98% of all the music that I listen to. Besides music theres PHOTOGRAPHY!!! I have always been into photography but I bought my first DSLR camera in January of 2011 and it was the initiation of a lifelong obsession! I became interested in shooting portraits around mid - late 2012 and really developed a passion for it. I love shooting lifestyle work. I love seeing an individual's spirit and emotion shine through a gesture, expression or smile. I enjoy recreating everyday vibes or special moments that almost anyone can relate to and connect with on a deeper level than just a visual one. While there is typically an overarching theme or concept that is being strived for, the expressions, emotions and experiences captured in the images are 100% genuine! I love the spontaneity experienced at each shoot…there is always something new and fresh that we find on location such as a mattress with a cool saying on it, or a fallen tree, or an abandoned building that we would otherwise never notice. I love that during these shoots, time stops and we soak in all the very small cool things that we experience everyday but somehow overlook. I love shooting lifestyle work because it forces me to stop and appreciate the style of life.